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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cannabis Granny

How Cocaine is Made in Columbia

Sorry to all of my followers and fans for the lack of posts recently. I have been extremely busy, but I have not forgotten about you! Here is a great video to watch on cocaine production and how it is made. I personally love this video because it is a first-hand account of the whole process in Columbia.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Old Fictions

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I have been extremely busy. Here is a short story from the works of the author Jim Parker, found in his pamphlet. Hope your entertained!

The First Stone Age

About a hundred thousand years ago (we're guessing here), a half-frozen cave man named Urg (we're guessing here, too) made a discovery so big that its effects are still being felt all over the world.

Urg was cold, so he tossed a bundle of the plants he'd tugged out of the ground that afternoon onto the fire in his cave. Then, as he and his friends squatted over the fire and warmed themselves (and wished they had a Wii or PlayStation 3 or something to make life less boring), they noticed strange changes creep over them.

Everyone agreed that the shadows on the cave walls were suddenly way weird, dude, and the fire was like, totally hypnotic, gnarly even.

They also noticed that the chief's jokes (which they had all heard a thousand times) were funny again -- or at least everybody laughed and pounded each other on the back and rolled in the dirt.

If Urg and his friends had given it any thought (instead of trying to rig a sound system out of some rocks and old mastodon bones they found in a corner of the cave), they might have noticed other changes come over them, too -- changes in the way they thought and felt and acted, that we're only now beginning to fully understand.

Because (surprise!) the weed that Urg threw on the fire was marijuana and, without knowing it, Urg and his pals had thrown the world's first pot party.

This story isn't true, as far as anybody knows. (After all, prehistory wouldn't be pre-history if anyone left notes.)

On the other hand, it makes as much sense as a lot of other stories that have been passed around about marijuana since the first Urg noticed it growing down by the local watering hole and wondered what it was good for.

That's the point of this pamphlet, and the main reason we put it together.

Because even though Urg didn't find all the answers to that question, the people who came later sure kept asking.