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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Introduction To Life

I have done enough drugs in my life that I consider myself a fine connoisseur in the subject. I will dabble in any drug or substance that can alter the way I think or perceive. I have done nearly every single drug possible. I have felt every way I possibly could. My experiences have made me well rounded in the knowledge of drugs and in my life.

You only live once so I feel that it is necessary to experience everything. My expertise should be able to assist people and share knowledge for others to learn and reflect on their own personal experiences. This is a culture that millions of people live in and enjoy every single day. No person should do drugs if they feel any hesitation or know they cannot handle the effects. I do not promote drug usage. What I do promote is the experiences life brings us.

Don't Do Drugs. I do not condone drug just happens and people do it, and they will continue to do it. As it goes, drug use has been an unfortunate part of the human condition for as far back as written record goes, and it will undoubtedly continue to be in our future indefinitely.


  1. Grats on your first post man. I can't wait to here more.

  2. post some interesting facts about drugs!!
    keep me updated

  3. i love drugs. specifically cocaine.

  4. very informative , cant wait to read more