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Friday, November 5, 2010

Bud Review- Northern Lights

I was recently smoking some medical Northern Lights and it was dank. It is a cross of sativa and indica.

When I first opened the jar and put my nose up to it to get that first whiff where you dangle it in front of your face, I knew it was legit. it had that strong potent smell with that funky aroma to it. As I lifted my nose, I got that lingering stench that followed the initial smell and it had that funky body odor twang. You know its good stuff when it kinda smells bad but still the best smell ever.

It was dense, hard nugs and just pinching the bud I could tell it was going to break up into more than it appeared. It was perfect bong weed and smoked great in a blunt. The crystals were dripping off of the bud and would stick to my fingers. The sticky level was moderate, but it was perfectly cured and dried so it did not have to be sticky to show its quality.

It burned perfect. Just a small pinch was necessary for a good bong rip and I only needed a few rips to get me zooted. The way the blunt ran was almost too perfect and a small blunt between three people did maximum justice to me. I was definitely chocking on the bong rips and it was the most satisfying cough.

The high was so clean. I feel like it was sativa dominant because of how clear it was. In contrast, it helped my neck pain, as well, because of the indica cross. After taking one hit I already started getting the brain tingling feeling that comes when the high starts elevating quick.

I would rate this bud a 9 out of 10.


  1. I think this blog is one of the coolest things I've ever seen.

    Great review, I've never heard, seen, or read talk like this about the qualities of such a high out of anything but my own mouth, lol. Followin'.

  2. I know that! :p good info! thx!

  3. Great blog man, very well written stuff. I like this post because it feels like I was sitting there trying it with you. Cheers!

  4. Thanks guys. New stuff will constantly be updated.

  5. Try some trainwreck dude. Its awesome

  6. @Thrasher I've had some train wreck and you're right its no joke. Maybe Ill review that one soon. Thanks.

  7. Great info mate! Keep us the public informed!