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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Nose Candy

Nicknames: Coke, Blow, Nose Candy, Candy, Powder, White, White Girl, Lindsey Lohan

Cocaine is a crystalline tropane alkaloid that is obtained from the leaves of the coca plant. Even if you have never seen cocaine before, you still probably know what it looks like from its infamy that it is a white powder. It is a stimulant that produces an extreme high. People say that the high feels like they are "on top of the world." Cocaine is very addicting, also very expensive. The street value of a gram of cocaine is fifty dollars. For an addict, this gram does not last more than a few hours.

While using cocaine, you come down from the high very quickly in about 20 minutes after using. When feeling the come down effects, a user will fiend for more and will do another line. If I were to describe the high it produces to someone that has never done drugs, I would say that it is like drinking a thousand cups of coffee at once. 

Cocaine is snorted up the nose, generally. When using, people make a line of the powder and snort it using a small straw or other small tube-like objects. Commonly people roll up bills of money to snort up a line. This is so common that 85% to 90% of U.S. bills have traces of cocaine on them. Here is an article from MSNBC stating the facts... From personal experience, do not use dollar bills for snorting the drug because infections are possible because of how dirty dollar bills are; only use hundred dollar bills because they are cleaner...somewhat.

Cocaine is a hard drug with serious addictions tied to it. If snorting cocaine is not working for you anymore because you gain a tolerance to it, many people turn to injecting and freebasing it. People will go as far as cutting themselves open and putting cocaine in their blood stream. Freebasing cocaine is a very addicting way to use it. Freebasing produces a very extreme high and is the most addicting. To freebase, people put the cocaine on tin foil or a spoon and light the foil underneath and inhale the fumes produced. Cooking cocaine with baking soda is the way to make crack, which produces a greater high, but that's a different subject on its own.

My personal experiences with cocaine has had its ups and downs...pun intended. I do not condone drug use, but it happens and people do it. I was probably using a good 2 grams a night at least. I would start out with the fattest line and just take bumps (a little at a time) off of a key (my car key worked the best, it's like a little shovel). I felt soooo good, but on the contrast I would come down so hard at the end of the night to the point where I felt sick to my stomach. It's hard to say you are going to do cocaine in moderation because once you start you have to keep going. There are no limits. Addicts cannot look at the picture to the right without fiending for it. This is a hard body drug so do not do it for any reason unless you know you can handle it. I stopped using because I was at the point where I did not know how to stop until that day came where I knew I had to. Many people will agree, it is a love/hate relationship. 

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