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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Piece Choice Completes The Puzzle

A daily marijuana smoker knows it is crucial to smoke out of the right bong, pipe, or wrap. There are a variety of different methods that people desire to get high. Each way is unique to the person and they know what way will produce the best high for them.

Here are a variety of different ways that achieves a good high.

  • Joint- more of a relaxing high is produce. Joint rolling is an art to people with many different styles. These styles come from cultures all around the world.
  • Blunt/wrap- relaxing high, especially if there is a tobacco leaf around it. Blunting rolling is a personal experience with the weed. People like to roll their blunts to perfection, down to the way they want the mouth piece shaped for the right hit.
  • One-hitter- great for on-the-go smoking. You can actually get a good 3 or 4 hits out of the bowl depending on the size. The cigarette looking one-hitter is the best for on-the-go smoking and looks like a real cigarette...don't get the glass one it breaks easy, metal is the way to go.
  • Glass pipe- relaxing high. Personally glass if my way to go, even though I love a good blunt. Conserves more weed because you decide how much you want to pack in the bowl of the pipe. Commonly called a "piece" or a "bowl."
  • Wood pipe- will produce desired effect, but not as good quality as glass.
  • Metal Pipe- produces a high but not as good as glass. The metal gets really hot. Just leave the metal to crack smoking only.
  • Glass bong- best quality high, in my opinion. A good quality glass bong will get you high in very little hits, conserves marijuana, and produces a great high. The thicker the glass, the better.
  • Acrylic bongs- still an effective bong, but not as good as glass. It is hard plastic so it doesn't produce the best high.
  • Steam roller- this is a tube with a bowl attached and your hand covers on side and acts as the carb. If it is good quality then it is really effective. 
  • Gravity bong- big rips and will get you really high. Store bought gravity bongs work great. There are a variety of different ways to make a home made GB. Most popular party piece
  • Vaporizer- great for the health conscious smoker. It is better on your lungs. Produces a very clear high.
  • Fruit- great for convenience. Not as good for quality. Variety of different fruit can be made into pipes, for example the classic apple pipe.
The ways to get high are endless! Its up to you to decide.

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