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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cannabis Granny

How Cocaine is Made in Columbia

Sorry to all of my followers and fans for the lack of posts recently. I have been extremely busy, but I have not forgotten about you! Here is a great video to watch on cocaine production and how it is made. I personally love this video because it is a first-hand account of the whole process in Columbia.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Old Fictions

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I have been extremely busy. Here is a short story from the works of the author Jim Parker, found in his pamphlet. Hope your entertained!

The First Stone Age

About a hundred thousand years ago (we're guessing here), a half-frozen cave man named Urg (we're guessing here, too) made a discovery so big that its effects are still being felt all over the world.

Urg was cold, so he tossed a bundle of the plants he'd tugged out of the ground that afternoon onto the fire in his cave. Then, as he and his friends squatted over the fire and warmed themselves (and wished they had a Wii or PlayStation 3 or something to make life less boring), they noticed strange changes creep over them.

Everyone agreed that the shadows on the cave walls were suddenly way weird, dude, and the fire was like, totally hypnotic, gnarly even.

They also noticed that the chief's jokes (which they had all heard a thousand times) were funny again -- or at least everybody laughed and pounded each other on the back and rolled in the dirt.

If Urg and his friends had given it any thought (instead of trying to rig a sound system out of some rocks and old mastodon bones they found in a corner of the cave), they might have noticed other changes come over them, too -- changes in the way they thought and felt and acted, that we're only now beginning to fully understand.

Because (surprise!) the weed that Urg threw on the fire was marijuana and, without knowing it, Urg and his pals had thrown the world's first pot party.

This story isn't true, as far as anybody knows. (After all, prehistory wouldn't be pre-history if anyone left notes.)

On the other hand, it makes as much sense as a lot of other stories that have been passed around about marijuana since the first Urg noticed it growing down by the local watering hole and wondered what it was good for.

That's the point of this pamphlet, and the main reason we put it together.

Because even though Urg didn't find all the answers to that question, the people who came later sure kept asking.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Veterans Day!

Happy Veterans Day to all of the soldiers! It takes a strong person to do what they have done.

Many soldiers from the Vietnam War were caught in a huge drug problem. I cannot blame them because of the great amount of stress they were under in the worst conditions. This video depicts the drug usage from the war...enjoy. Welcome Home!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How to Cook it Up...Informational Purposes Only

How to Cook Crack

Many people wonder how crack cocaine is actually made to further their knowledge on useless information. I’ve never actually cooked crack myself, but I’ve seen it done. This info is presented for solely to entertain the minds of the curious.
Do not cook crack people, its just one of those things that you just don’t do.

Materials Required: Cocaine powder, teaspoon, measuring cup, pan, baking soda.

  1. Pour about an ounce of cocaine in the measuring cup.
  2. Add about a teaspoon of baking soda.
  3. Fill with about 3/4 cup of water.
  4. Pour the mixture into the pan.
  5. The mixture will start to bubble. Get a knife and flatten the bubbles.
  6. Continue to flatten the mixture while cooking it.
  7. Cook it until it is solid white.
  8. Place the solid form of cocaine on a towel or napkin to drain.
  9. Place rocks in freezer for 15-20 minutes.
  10. Remove and fire it up.

Congrats, now you know how. Please, don't ever try this at home :)


This is the only crack you will ever see

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Crack...Yea it's Whack

Crack Cocaine
Nicknames: Rock, Red Rock, Cookies, Raw, Hard Ball, Devil Drug

Crack is produced by dissolving powdered cocaine in a mixture of water and baking soda. The mixture is boiled until a solid substance forms. The solid is removed from the liquid, dried, and then broken into the chunks (rocks) that are sold as crack cocaine. Crack rocks are white or off-white colored and comes in various sizes.

Crack is extremely addicting because of the intense high and euphoric effects produces. Crack is nearly always smoked. I have heard people say when you take a hit of a rock your whole head starts spinning. Crack is inexpensive compared to cocaine and is often referred to as the “poor man’s cocaine” because it is a quick, cheap high. In contrast, powder cocaine is expensive and you will need a lot of it. 

This is all I know about crack, I’ve honestly never tried it and I want to keep it that way. It isn’t like I haven’t had the opportunity; it is a moral thing where I feel that it is completely pointless. This is not a recreational drug; it consumes your life so it revolves around the drug. You are pretty much asking for a bad life once you start smoking crack. I have never seen anything good come out of it. I do not even want to try it once for the experience because it is not worth it to me. Part of me knows it is a hard drug not worth trying and the other part knows that I will probably get addicted to it after one hit.

If you smoke crack, there’s no turning back.

Mornin' Munchies

If you are going to wake and bake this morning, you must go to Waffle House. If you don't have one near you or have never heard of it all, head down to your greasiest hole in the wall 24 hr breakfast place. We all know its not the best quality. We all certainly know its not good for you. Knowing the risks involved, it is the place to munch out on some tasty breakfast treats like a bacon, egg and cheese biscuiy, hashbrowns smothered and covered, and a classic omlette with sausage and toast.

Fun Facts About Marijuana

Both George Washington and Tomas Jefferson grew marijuana on thier plantations.

Its first recorded use for medicinal purposes was 2727B.C.

Hemp was once considered legal tender in the U.S.

Cannabis and hemp are the same thing.

Sterilized hemp seeds can be turned into bird seed.

14.6 million Americans smoke pot on a regular basis.

The U.S. Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper.

Given an opportunity deer will chew gum and marijuana.

In Oregon you can't buy or sell marijuana, but you can smoke the drug on your own property.

There are three main types of marijuana. Canabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica, Cannabis Ruderalis.

The reason marijuana is illegal is because in the 30's cotton growers lobbied against hemp farmers. They thought that the hemp growing would just be competition for them.

It's all true.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Prop 19 Spoof

There is a website called Marijuana Harms Families and their slogan is "Don't Let California Go To Pot."I find this extremely funny. They have a video on the site that states the "dangers" in legalizing marijuana. I think their facts and statistics are pretty dumb and I can argue against all of their information.

What I have found is someone who was as disturbed as I was about this information and he created a video parody that parallels the video. Check out for this guy's genius posts on his blog, besides the great video that he made.

This is the spoof...

Marijuana Growing

Bud Review- Sour Diesel

This is definitely one of my favorites. This bud is 90% sativa and 10% indica. It is great because it is mostly sativa and produces a high that is alert and clear and is great for doing daily things.

When I first opened the jar, it REEKS!! It has this pungent smell that you cannot hide what so ever. I had this bud in a jar, inside two Ziploc bags, inside a cotton bag with a zipper, inside my suitcase, and in the trunk of my car; after all this, it made my whole stink still. I swear to you, I had kept the empty jar after I smoked it all and when I revisited the jar 2 months later it still had the smell of it in there very, very strong.

The texture of the nugs were dense and hard, but still had a fluffy look to it. The color is a nice, vibrant green with a lot of orange hairs and completely loaded with crystals dripping off of it. The bud breaks out into double the amount of weed it looks.

The high is so clear. It makes you want to go out and do things, unlike other tiring highs. It has this crisp feeling to the high that makes it very controllable. I was stoned for a good four hours after smoking this. What is great about it is that it doesn’t give you a burnt out feeling for the rest of the day. It is said that Sour Diesel is a good strain for depression because it will lighten any mood that you may be in.

This is dank bud, I do not give out these ratings easily.
I rate it a 10 out of 10.

Dear Followers and Visitors,

Thank you for all the support so far. I started this blog less than a week ago and I am excited and surprised about all of the comments and followers I have gotten so far. I have put up many posts since I've created this and you might be thinking, how much can I really talk about this subject for a long period of time. I have so many creative ideas and many more topics to discuss that I feel that there is an endless amount of posts I can make in the future. I have a lot coming and I am very excited about it.

Remember, I do not encourage drug use and this is for informational and entertainment purposes. There is no way that people will stop doing drugs and I hope I give some insight on how to responsibly do drugs if you are going to do them. I have been clean of drugs for a while now and I still enjoy the subject and reflections on my personal experiences.

Thanks guys.

If anyone has any requests on what new info they would like to see, please feel free to share these thoughts with me. I am looking forward to it.

I have also set my blog for mature audiences to comply with any complaints that may be against me in the future. I support responsibility in this subject. The truth is, drugs are bad and can have very negative effects so do the right thing for yourself.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


There are about 190 species of hallucinogenic mushrooms. Here are a few to take a peek at. 

Nepal Chitwan
Golden Teacher
Plantasia Mystery
Puerto Rican
Pink Buffalo
PES Hawaiian

Hallucinogens Part 1


Nicknames: Shrooms, Boomers, Magic Mushrooms, Caps, Mushies, Fungus

Active Ingredient: Psilocybin; also Psilocin or Muscimole depending on the variety picked

If you have ever tripped before, you know what a ride you are taken on. One of the most popular drugs to trip on is Mushrooms. “Magic mushrooms” is probably the most popular used hallucinogen because they are grown straight from the ground in many areas, mostly in subtropical and tropical areas. Other widely used hallucinogens include acid (LSD) and peyote, but mushrooms are more commonly found. When eating mushrooms, you can trip up to nine hours, depending on how much is consumed.

Shrooms are fungi that contain psychoactive compounds psilocybin and psilocin. There are about 190 species of these fungi that contains the psychoactive compounds. Mushrooms do grow from the ground in fields, but they also can be grown at home. If you want to grow them you can by the spores of the fungi online, but it is illegal and the websites usually state, “Sold for microscopic use only.” If you want to check out spores for sale check this out…

Mushrooms have been used throughout history as a means of gaining access to the spirit world by Shamans, Medicine Men or Witch Doctors. Let me tell you that you really do enter a “spirit” world. When you watch movies or T.V. shows where they show someone on shrooms and they make it all trippy looking for you to watch; that’s the world you enter and everything seems unreal. People use mushrooms for spiritual purposes and to help them figure out life. This is no exaggeration. The ideas that you can come up with on mushrooms are mind blowing.
I have tripped on mushrooms a decent number of times to fully understand what is going on. The way it makes you feel is euphoric and child-like. I feel like I am a little kid in a candy store, as clich√© as that sounds it’s the truth. What I feel it does, at least for me, is that it lays out all of my life problems out in front of me on a platter and I can pick any of those problems up and solve it logically. It kind of sounds a little ridiculous but it is a totally different world while tripping. It was on mushrooms that I figured out how I want to live my life. People have life changing experiences while tripping and this is common.
This one time when I was tripping with my friend at the beach at night, we had the worst idea ever. “Yea I’m down to go swimming in the ocean,” was the worst thing I said that night. As I am in the water I think to myself, “Oh this feels good, let me go a little farther out.” Yea, I went too far. All of a sudden, I slipped into a panic and I can’t see the shore and everything around me was completely silver. Finally I felt where the sand was getting shallower and ran to shore and just dove on the sand. My friend and I ended up on the sand shivering because it was so cold. I looked over at my friend and I can see this dark look in his eyes and he says, “Are you seeing what I’m seeing right now.” We both saw millions of bugs on the beach and little gremlin looking creatures running on the sand. Don’t ask me how we were having similar hallucinations and seeing crazy stuff, but it was so intense. We both ate an eighth (3.5 grams) that night.

Taking an eighth of shrooms is a relatively standard amount to eat, guaranteeing a good and hard trip. For first timers, do not take a whole eighth at once. Start off with like a gram or so, see how you feel, and slowly build up to eat more as you feel you need it.

“Bad trips” can occur because of anxiety, fear, and paranoia. You must know going into the trip that you are in control and nothing bad will happen to you. The number one ways to prevent a bad trip is to avoid going out in public and only hang out with people that are tripping too, this decreases any likelihood of paranoia. 

Your pupils of your eyes will be dilated to the size of a penny, which is a common way to tell if someone is on a hard drug, along with increased heart rate and blood pressure. The best thing to do is stay inside a house with music and visualizers or go to the beach, but not in the water.

If you have never heard this before I am ruining the surprise for you…shrooms grow from cow and horse shit. Now if you want to go pick some you know where to find them.

You better know what you are doing though because over 78% of mushrooms you find can be poisonous to your health and many cause death. I do not recommend anyone to do drugs. If you have any crazy experiences feel free to share them.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Laziness Lies Within the Person

Marijuana is know to make people lazy and immobile. I have a different theory on this idea.

I feel like marijuana only brings out the true laziness in a person, it does not make a person lazy. This stereotype has been attached to marijuana for a long time. It is true to an extent. Everyone likes to have lazy time if they smoke or not. What if many pot heads like to smoke and be lazy on their free time? That sounds logical to me.

There is such a thing as the functioning pot head. A countless number of people do regular daily activities while they are high. Not every person who smokes marijuana is lazy. Many people enjoy doing anything high, even homework for school.

It all depends on the individuals motivational level. If a person was destined to be lazy then that person will be extra lazy. If a person is motivated and determined then they will enjoy all of their daily activities even more because they are high.

An individual digs their own hole they bury themselves in because of lack of will power and self-restraint. No one is to blame, except the individual, for letting themselves wither away into nothing but a pot head. I am a pot head so I can say this, but I am a functioning pot head and there is a line drawn between the two.

You can't blame the "drug"for certain peoples inability to function as more than just an instinct based creature.

I Can't Wait Til I Can Buy These at the Gas Station


Bud Review- Northern Lights

I was recently smoking some medical Northern Lights and it was dank. It is a cross of sativa and indica.

When I first opened the jar and put my nose up to it to get that first whiff where you dangle it in front of your face, I knew it was legit. it had that strong potent smell with that funky aroma to it. As I lifted my nose, I got that lingering stench that followed the initial smell and it had that funky body odor twang. You know its good stuff when it kinda smells bad but still the best smell ever.

It was dense, hard nugs and just pinching the bud I could tell it was going to break up into more than it appeared. It was perfect bong weed and smoked great in a blunt. The crystals were dripping off of the bud and would stick to my fingers. The sticky level was moderate, but it was perfectly cured and dried so it did not have to be sticky to show its quality.

It burned perfect. Just a small pinch was necessary for a good bong rip and I only needed a few rips to get me zooted. The way the blunt ran was almost too perfect and a small blunt between three people did maximum justice to me. I was definitely chocking on the bong rips and it was the most satisfying cough.

The high was so clean. I feel like it was sativa dominant because of how clear it was. In contrast, it helped my neck pain, as well, because of the indica cross. After taking one hit I already started getting the brain tingling feeling that comes when the high starts elevating quick.

I would rate this bud a 9 out of 10.

Going Too Hard Just To Pop It

Poppin' ecstasy is pretty much the only way that people know of to take it. Just swallow it or chew it up right? Wrong.

There are other ways. It is not enjoyable, but...there are other ways.

Snorting ecstasy pills is a very effective, yet painful way to get the MDMA in your system. When you snoot a pill it hits you about 20 to 30 percent harder. It also takes about 1/6 of the time to kick in, about ten minutes. The downside is that it lasts for a shorter amount of time. Snorting a bean is indeed painful though. It will burn for a good amount of time into your roll and it is unenjoyable and kinda defeats the purpose of taking a pill to feel great. If you ask me, I would say just pop it. It is not worth taking the risk of burning the inside of your face and head, even though some rolls are not as harsh.

This way I have never tried and refuse to try...You can always "plug it." "Plug it" as in sticking it up the butt. I do not care if it hits me 80% harder. I will never be that desperate to get high. I know a couple of people that have plugged it before and yea they rolled hard. I had to ask them if it was worth it, the response I got was, "Dude, just pop them." That was all I needed to hear.

The best bet is to just stay away from it all completely.

Biting Down

Get drunk, do a line, pop a bean...BITE DOWN.

The term "bite down" or "biting down" refers to the clenching of the jaw on hard drugs, hence the saying "bite down." This most commonly refers to ecstasy. Ecstasy tightens your jaw and makes you clench or hold your jaw together tightly. This is a common side effect of cocaine and amphetamines, as well.

When peaking on a drug you do not notice you are biting down sometimes and do not realize what you are doing to yourself until the comedown or the day after. Your jaw can be stiff and in pain after the fact. The drug makes you feel so good you do not notice any pain while you are actually on a drug.

I have experienced the worst of this. After popping a bunch of ecstasy, the next day was rough. I could not eat, not because of the x effects, but because my jaw could barely chew anything without being in excruciating pain. Not only did it happen this time, but after any night of poppin' pills or doing lines.

The best way to avoid biting down is to chew gum. Chewing gum for too long can also be just as bad so take breaks from the gum, as well. Many ecstasy users and addicts will use a baby pacifier to prevent jaw clenching...this is a really bad move to do if you are any where but inside because it is know to police officers that pacifiers are a sign of x using, and they will search you.

Just be aware to relax your jaw and don't play with it if it is stiff...
...once you pop, the pain don't stop.

Edibles-Special Brownie Recipie

You can eat weed?...What?

Many people prefer to eat marijuana than smoke it. This is a great alternative. Food with marijuana in it will give you a great high. This produces the complete mental and body high.

Medical marijuana dispensaries sell a variety of different edibles and now there are even stores that sell only food with marijuana in it. I have seen and eaten incredible brownies from dispensaries and they are professionally packaged with clever names like "I Can't Believe It's Pot Butter." I have also had lemonade with marijuana in it, cleverly named "Lazy Lemonade," and it kicks in within about ten minutes, unlike brownies that take about an hour until you are completely high. Other foods include cakes, cookies, muffins, lollipops, tea, and the list goes on.

Brownies are my favorite edible, they are classic and always gets the job done. "Special Brownies" can be made with either cannabis oil or cannabis butter. To make the oil or butter is not that difficult and can be done simply in any house, with a few ingredients and kitchen supplies. I like to make the oil, but the butter works equally as well. Many people like to use good weed in brownies, but regs work just as well.

Simple Special Brownie Recipe

First...Making the weed oil or butter. I usually use a half ounce to an ounce of regs.

Oil Instructions:

  1. Pour Cannola oil in pot (pick the size of the pot according to how much weed you are using). Use about a quarter of a cup more oil than the recipe calls for because some of the oil will be burned away. 
  2. Turn the stove on medium (if your stove gets really hot then medium-low is a better temperature) and let the oil warm up a little. Do not let the oil boil.
  3. Take your marijuana, make sure it is ground up fine into tiny pieces, and put it in the pot with the oil.
  4. Keep it in the pot for about 45 minutes to an hour (if more than an ounce then keep it on longer accordingly). Stir every ten minutes so the weed does not stick to the bottom of the pot. Do not let the oil boil at all.
  5. Remember...slow and steady wins the race. You cannot rush this process.
  6. After about 45 minutes when the weed looses most of its color and about to turn black, then you can remove it from the stove and let it cool for a little while.
  7. Now you are going to strain the weed pieces from the oil. If you have a good size strainer, this can work but with a spoon press on the weed left in the strainer to squeeze out any remaining oil in the weed. For best results, pour as much of the oil into a bowl without the weed pieces, then put the remainder of the pieces in an old bandana and squeeze it until all of the remaining oil comes out of the bandana. Put aside.
Butter Instructions:

  1. You will need two pots of different sizes. Pour some water in the larger pot and put the butter in the smaller pot. Now put the smaller pot inside and on top the larger pot, you are creating a double boiler (if you have double boiler than use set). You are ready to melt the butter now. A good proportion to go by is for 1 ounce of weed to 6-7 sticks of butter.
  2. Put the stove on medium-low to medium heat. Melt the butter in the double boiler. Do not let it boil, only a simmer is needed.
  3. Add your marijuana to the butter after it is ground up into tiny pieces. 
  4. Simmer the mixture for about 25 minutes while stirring every few minutes.
  5. Don't forget...slow and steady wins the race.
  6. Remove from stove and let the butter cool down. Then strain out the butter into a bowl and make sure to squeeze all of the juice out of it. Now, let it cool to room temperature.
  7. Once the butter is room temperature put it in the fridge for a few hours to coagulate.

The next step is to buy your favorite instant brownie mix and follow the instructions on the back. Check if your brownie mix calls for oil or butter because its usually one or the other. Substitute your weed oil or butter for the the oil or butter the recipie calls for, and pour in all your oil or butter. 

Just follow the back of your brownie box for the rest...bake...and ENJOY!


Nicknames: X, E, Rolls, Beans, Skittles, Adam, Love/Hug Drug, Happy Pill, Vitamin E, E-Bomb, Thizz
Nicknames for Use and Abuse: Drop, Rolling, Thizzing, Flipping, Cuddle Puddle, Raving, E-Tard
Active Ingredient: MDMA (3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine)

Ecstasy is an entactogenic drug of the phenethylamine and amphetamine families. MDMA induces euphoria, a sense of intimacy with others, and diminished anxiety and depression. MDMA was first synthesized in 1912 by Merck chemist Anton K√∂llisch. At the time, Merck was interested in developing substances that stopped abnormal bleeding. 

Ecstasy produces a very strong euphoric high and a very pleasing is known as the happy drug for a good reason. Ecstasy is considered a "club drug." The drug lasts for 4-6 hours, and the onset to the peak takes about an hour until it is fully kicked in. The best way I can describe the high it produces is an awake high, like caffeine give you, with the feeling of a euphoric shield over your body and depending on the pill it can produce a "trippy" feeling. 

There are an endless amount of different pills out there. Even though it is highly illegal, people manufacture the pills in their own homes. People make these pills with MDMA and a variety of different drugs are put into the pills. Some of the different types of drugs that are put into the pills include cocaine, heroin, amphetamines (speed like meth), caffeine, and many other chemicals. 

There is no telling what you will get with random pills. If you have the pills, before you take them you can look at or Many of the manufacturers post their pills on these websites and what they put in them, and there are also reviews on the pills from people who have taken them. On my birthday I took two had meth and one had heroin in them...I should have looked it up before I ate them because it wasn't that good of a time.

The manufacturers make these pills there own by putting a design on the pill using a pill press. These designs are used to entice the users of the pills. I have had pills with logos of Mercedes Benz, Jewish Stars, Michael Jordan symbols, sports teams, different types of cars, animals like monkeys and birds, Buddahs, Superman and Batman signs, and a variety of random symbols like hearts. I have also had some pills that were not your typical looking pill, like in star shapes, diamond shapes, and even cut outs of Transformer heads in the shape of helmets. 

Obama Pills
Ecstasy also comes in a variety of colors. The colors do not necessarily mean if they are good or bad. In some cases, depending on the color, you can see little white speckles, for example, that can indicate that there is cocaine or caffeine in it. Usually, the more speckles and dots of any color means that it is a dirty roll, mixed with other drugs. This takes away from the pure feeling that MDMA produces. Sometimes it can suck when other drugs are mixed, but personally I do not mind a little cocaine or any uppers in my beans sometimes because it will produce a more alert feeling.

Ecstasy is a culture on its own. In this underground world, raves are a very common way of partying. Usually at raves everyone is on E and having a great time. There is usually techno or electronic music playing loud with strobes and different types of lights. The lights and music make rolling very enjoyable and great to watch. Personally, I can pop some pills and sit in front of my iTunes or Xbox 360 visualizer all night and have a really great night. Ecstasy heightens your emotions and feelings; this includes your sense of touch, the way you experience music, and lights are viewed in a very trippy way. There are no bad feelings when you are on X, only happy feelings. 

Personally, I have seen people have bad reactions to E. Do not do X if you think you cannot handle it. I have never had any bad experiences from the drug. I have taken hundreds of pills and to me each pill holds a different package for the night. Each pill gives different effects, some just make you happy and some can make you trip like it is a hallucinogen. Hallucinations are common though, especially when taking more than one. Do not take more than one for your first time, you do not know how you will react to it and even then each pill is different so you do not know if a different pill will effect you differently. Mixing different rolls is not always the best idea, unless you know what is in them. 

Ecstasy is definitely my drug of choice. It gives me a feeling that I cannot replicate with any other drug. It is a pure happy feeling and it is hard for me to not enjoy the feeling. It feels like I have an invisible shield over my body that makes feel amazing. That shield is pure euphoria. 

People can argue that heroin gives you a really good euphoric feeling, but the fact that E is an upper and keeps you awake to enjoy the moment makes it the best in my opinion. E is not a downer, but the comedown can be a downer. When you are peaking on the pill, there is nothing better. Because I have taken so many, I know how to harness the energy it gives me for my own complete satisfaction. I actually come up with the best ideas on it because it makes you feel so good.

I do not suggest that anyone does ecstasy or any drug. There is no telling how you will react to it. It can be very dangerous if you do not know what you are doing. Most of the dangers are from people overheating and dehydrating, especially while dancing. The most important thing you can do is drink a lot of water, but not too much; about a pint of water an hour is a good amount. A good tip is to take Vitamin C tablets, which aids your body running well and will help not have as bad of a comedown; Vitamin Water Power-C (the pink one) is great to drink because it will keep you hydrated and has a lot of Vitamin C.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

How to Get a Good Snooter

To properly snort cocaine is a process that will be learned when using the drug.

To the virgin snorter,

The best way to start off is to cut a straw about 4 inches. You do not want this straw to be too long because you want to the cocaine to reach all the way up the straw in one good snort.

To make a good line of cocaine, a razor blade is best for chopping it up really fine and making it into a line. A glass surface or a mirror is the not use a wood surface because the cocaine will fall into the grooves of the wood.

After you make your line, put one end of the straw up in your nose and snort/inhale the line up hard.

If you have good, legit coke then your nose will start to feel numb then the high follows shortly after. At this point snort back the powder repeatedly as if you are hawking a loogie. The drip of the powder will proceed to the back of your throat. By doing this you are helpin the cocaine pass more quickly as well.

Keep hawking back the cocaine, once you feel the drip in the back of your throat it is kicking in. It is perfectly normal for your mouth, nose and face to be numb.

After this, are going to need to.

Nose Candy

Nicknames: Coke, Blow, Nose Candy, Candy, Powder, White, White Girl, Lindsey Lohan

Cocaine is a crystalline tropane alkaloid that is obtained from the leaves of the coca plant. Even if you have never seen cocaine before, you still probably know what it looks like from its infamy that it is a white powder. It is a stimulant that produces an extreme high. People say that the high feels like they are "on top of the world." Cocaine is very addicting, also very expensive. The street value of a gram of cocaine is fifty dollars. For an addict, this gram does not last more than a few hours.

While using cocaine, you come down from the high very quickly in about 20 minutes after using. When feeling the come down effects, a user will fiend for more and will do another line. If I were to describe the high it produces to someone that has never done drugs, I would say that it is like drinking a thousand cups of coffee at once. 

Cocaine is snorted up the nose, generally. When using, people make a line of the powder and snort it using a small straw or other small tube-like objects. Commonly people roll up bills of money to snort up a line. This is so common that 85% to 90% of U.S. bills have traces of cocaine on them. Here is an article from MSNBC stating the facts... From personal experience, do not use dollar bills for snorting the drug because infections are possible because of how dirty dollar bills are; only use hundred dollar bills because they are cleaner...somewhat.

Cocaine is a hard drug with serious addictions tied to it. If snorting cocaine is not working for you anymore because you gain a tolerance to it, many people turn to injecting and freebasing it. People will go as far as cutting themselves open and putting cocaine in their blood stream. Freebasing cocaine is a very addicting way to use it. Freebasing produces a very extreme high and is the most addicting. To freebase, people put the cocaine on tin foil or a spoon and light the foil underneath and inhale the fumes produced. Cooking cocaine with baking soda is the way to make crack, which produces a greater high, but that's a different subject on its own.

My personal experiences with cocaine has had its ups and downs...pun intended. I do not condone drug use, but it happens and people do it. I was probably using a good 2 grams a night at least. I would start out with the fattest line and just take bumps (a little at a time) off of a key (my car key worked the best, it's like a little shovel). I felt soooo good, but on the contrast I would come down so hard at the end of the night to the point where I felt sick to my stomach. It's hard to say you are going to do cocaine in moderation because once you start you have to keep going. There are no limits. Addicts cannot look at the picture to the right without fiending for it. This is a hard body drug so do not do it for any reason unless you know you can handle it. I stopped using because I was at the point where I did not know how to stop until that day came where I knew I had to. Many people will agree, it is a love/hate relationship. 

The Perfect Resin Hit

Are you out of weed? I know it sucks but there are ways around this dilemma.

If you are out of some nug and still want to get high, this is the perfect way to take some resin hits out of your glass pipe.

You know how there is a carb on the side that you cover with your thumb to let air in when you hit the piece? What you are going to do is make the carb the new bowl. Cover the actual bowl, where you pack the weed, with your hand so no air can escape. Then, with a lighter, light the carb as if you are hitting the bowl with your hand over the bowl acting as the new carb.

You are burning the resin inside the pipe and you will get some good rips if it is caked with enough resin. No more pulling the crackhead move and breaking you bowl into pieces just to smoke the resin.

Here's another good trick if you have a bong with an ash catcher. Just take your hitter piece out of the ash catcher and light the ash catcher's hole on fire while you rip your tube.

Yea it tastes gross, but you gotta do what you gotta do sometimes.

Cover the bowl with your hand and light through the
carb (small blue hole on side of bowl).

What's Your Favorite

What's your favorite smoking method?

Gravity Bong (home made or store bought)

Be specific! My favorite is a glass bong...Jerome Baker, Roor, or Illadelph.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Gravity in the Garbage

This is a popular way to make a home made gravity bong using a trash can. Gravity bongs produce great results with huge hits. This is very popular to do with a group of friends.

A few materials you are going to need are: A Trash Can (or large bucket) ,two-liter plastic soda bottle or water bottle, water, scissors and a bowl head froma metal pipe.
  1.  Using scissors, cut off the bottom of the bottle.
  2. Poke a hole in the lid or cap so that the bowl head can be screwed in. Make sure that the bowl fits tightly. Chewing gum is a good way to seal the holes around the bowl. Bowls can be made with a variety of creative things.
  3. Thread the bowl into the cap and place the cap back on the bottle.
  4. Put the bottle in a bucket (tub, trash can, ect.) of water. Hold a lighter to the bowl and pull up on the bottle to draw the smoke in.
  5. Remove your cap and place your lips over the opening. Push the bottle back into the water while inhaling.
Tips on how to hit the bong effectively: Pull the smoke in slow at first and the back end of the hit is when you are going to pull in fast and deep.

I have made a gravity bong using a 5 gallon water cooler bottle and my pool instead of a trash can. It is impressive and the hits are massive!

Piece Choice Completes The Puzzle

A daily marijuana smoker knows it is crucial to smoke out of the right bong, pipe, or wrap. There are a variety of different methods that people desire to get high. Each way is unique to the person and they know what way will produce the best high for them.

Here are a variety of different ways that achieves a good high.

  • Joint- more of a relaxing high is produce. Joint rolling is an art to people with many different styles. These styles come from cultures all around the world.
  • Blunt/wrap- relaxing high, especially if there is a tobacco leaf around it. Blunting rolling is a personal experience with the weed. People like to roll their blunts to perfection, down to the way they want the mouth piece shaped for the right hit.
  • One-hitter- great for on-the-go smoking. You can actually get a good 3 or 4 hits out of the bowl depending on the size. The cigarette looking one-hitter is the best for on-the-go smoking and looks like a real cigarette...don't get the glass one it breaks easy, metal is the way to go.
  • Glass pipe- relaxing high. Personally glass if my way to go, even though I love a good blunt. Conserves more weed because you decide how much you want to pack in the bowl of the pipe. Commonly called a "piece" or a "bowl."
  • Wood pipe- will produce desired effect, but not as good quality as glass.
  • Metal Pipe- produces a high but not as good as glass. The metal gets really hot. Just leave the metal to crack smoking only.
  • Glass bong- best quality high, in my opinion. A good quality glass bong will get you high in very little hits, conserves marijuana, and produces a great high. The thicker the glass, the better.
  • Acrylic bongs- still an effective bong, but not as good as glass. It is hard plastic so it doesn't produce the best high.
  • Steam roller- this is a tube with a bowl attached and your hand covers on side and acts as the carb. If it is good quality then it is really effective. 
  • Gravity bong- big rips and will get you really high. Store bought gravity bongs work great. There are a variety of different ways to make a home made GB. Most popular party piece
  • Vaporizer- great for the health conscious smoker. It is better on your lungs. Produces a very clear high.
  • Fruit- great for convenience. Not as good for quality. Variety of different fruit can be made into pipes, for example the classic apple pipe.
The ways to get high are endless! Its up to you to decide.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Classic Marijuana

Everyone likes to smoke a little reefer....What are you smoking?

Active Ingredient: THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol)

Common Street Names: Weed, Green, Reefer, Herb, Crip, Fire

This type of weed includes medical grade weed, typically sold in dispensaries where medicinal marijuana is sold. This weed produces the best high. Medicinal marijuana can be obtained other ways. This weed is the most potent and desired by pretty much all marijuana smokers. The look of it is visibly good quality in nug form with many crystals, hairs, and a good color and sometimes a variety of colors like  purple and orange. It can be a really fluffy to extremely dense and range in stickyness. This type of weed tends to have a strong smell. The high it produces is so clear and crisp compared to lower quality marijuana. 

Medical marijuana is the type where names are associated with the name. For example Purple Haze, White Rhino, Northern Lights, G-13, Sour Diesel, Jack Herrer, Super Silver Haze, Cheese, Cat Piss, ect. This list can go one for a long time. These strains are also a different type of plant and can produce a different feeling. The two types of plants are Indica and Sativa. The Sativa buds can produce more of an energetic and awake high, more popular for smoking throughout the day. Indica plants produce a high to sleep better or more targeted for pain, with other uses. Medical grade can be grown with a hydroponics system that grows the plant through water, producing a higher quality often referred to as "dro."
Purple Kush
(Cross strain between Purple Haze and O.G.Kush)

Northern Lights
People obtain medical marijuana licenses to purchase marijuana in designate stores in states that it is legal. To obtain these cards a person must go to a doctor to authorize this license. 

If you live in a state that weed is completely illegal, like myself, then you are used to your standard crip you buy for 25-50 or 30-60 if you are getting ripped off. This weed is good, but definitely doesn't compare to marijuana on the medical level. The high produced is a good high, but sometimes attached with a burn feeling on the comedown. The look is still good quality with some crystals and hairs with a nice, pleasing smell. Do not get me wrong, I definitely would want some good crip, but not over the medical grade. The quality of crip is in between medical marijuana and the regs,

This is the low grade which is very inexpensive to the others. This is the lowest in quality noted by the high it produces. Many people say it gives them headaches or it is less pleasurable.It is noticeably lower quality weed and can range in color from green to black. It also tends to be shipped more in bricks in large quantities and because it is compressed it may look flat when purchased to smoke. When buying regs, you get a lot for the price. Regs are most likely rolled in blunts and joints to smoke a larger amount because of the lack of potency. Regs are commonly referred to as "reggie," "Reggie Miller," or just known as the "bad stuff."
If I ever smoke regs it is only before bed because I am guaranteed to eat a lot and fall asleep fast. 

This is the crystals from potent marijuana. It looks like a powder. Crystals fall off the bud and can be collected in a keef box, which has a screen that the crystals fall into. Also, many grinders have keef catchers, which catches the fallen keef from the bud after it has been ground up and collects the keef in the bottom part of the grinder. This is a great investment because you can smoke the keef after it builds up. Keef produces the best high. Pretty much, you are smoking only THC crystals, which produces the best, cleanest high. A nickname is "Keef Richards."

Introduction To Life

I have done enough drugs in my life that I consider myself a fine connoisseur in the subject. I will dabble in any drug or substance that can alter the way I think or perceive. I have done nearly every single drug possible. I have felt every way I possibly could. My experiences have made me well rounded in the knowledge of drugs and in my life.

You only live once so I feel that it is necessary to experience everything. My expertise should be able to assist people and share knowledge for others to learn and reflect on their own personal experiences. This is a culture that millions of people live in and enjoy every single day. No person should do drugs if they feel any hesitation or know they cannot handle the effects. I do not promote drug usage. What I do promote is the experiences life brings us.

Don't Do Drugs. I do not condone drug just happens and people do it, and they will continue to do it. As it goes, drug use has been an unfortunate part of the human condition for as far back as written record goes, and it will undoubtedly continue to be in our future indefinitely.