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Friday, November 5, 2010

Going Too Hard Just To Pop It

Poppin' ecstasy is pretty much the only way that people know of to take it. Just swallow it or chew it up right? Wrong.

There are other ways. It is not enjoyable, but...there are other ways.

Snorting ecstasy pills is a very effective, yet painful way to get the MDMA in your system. When you snoot a pill it hits you about 20 to 30 percent harder. It also takes about 1/6 of the time to kick in, about ten minutes. The downside is that it lasts for a shorter amount of time. Snorting a bean is indeed painful though. It will burn for a good amount of time into your roll and it is unenjoyable and kinda defeats the purpose of taking a pill to feel great. If you ask me, I would say just pop it. It is not worth taking the risk of burning the inside of your face and head, even though some rolls are not as harsh.

This way I have never tried and refuse to try...You can always "plug it." "Plug it" as in sticking it up the butt. I do not care if it hits me 80% harder. I will never be that desperate to get high. I know a couple of people that have plugged it before and yea they rolled hard. I had to ask them if it was worth it, the response I got was, "Dude, just pop them." That was all I needed to hear.

The best bet is to just stay away from it all completely.


  1. I hate snorting, it burns too much, the drip is putrid, and the high just doesn't last as long. So what if it kicks harder? Just chew and swallow, imo.

    Yep, chew. :/