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Thursday, November 4, 2010

How to Get a Good Snooter

To properly snort cocaine is a process that will be learned when using the drug.

To the virgin snorter,

The best way to start off is to cut a straw about 4 inches. You do not want this straw to be too long because you want to the cocaine to reach all the way up the straw in one good snort.

To make a good line of cocaine, a razor blade is best for chopping it up really fine and making it into a line. A glass surface or a mirror is the not use a wood surface because the cocaine will fall into the grooves of the wood.

After you make your line, put one end of the straw up in your nose and snort/inhale the line up hard.

If you have good, legit coke then your nose will start to feel numb then the high follows shortly after. At this point snort back the powder repeatedly as if you are hawking a loogie. The drip of the powder will proceed to the back of your throat. By doing this you are helpin the cocaine pass more quickly as well.

Keep hawking back the cocaine, once you feel the drip in the back of your throat it is kicking in. It is perfectly normal for your mouth, nose and face to be numb.

After this, are going to need to.


  1. damnnn man you know your shit. looking forward to your future posts!

  2. Haven't done cocaine ever, although I could get some whenever I want really easily. For now though pills are doing it just fine (plus they're dirt cheap). Although I've been getting a lot of bunk pills with little to no mdma lately.

  3. Cool man :)

    Tho I don't do drugs, only weed.

    still info is always good.

  4. rolls post will be coming soon. That has to be my drug of choice for sure. Thats lame bad pills have been going around and i used to get them for the low too...2 dollars. MDMA is the way to go.

  5. never done cocaine, but i had had already snorted caffeine, shit was SO burn, seriously, i don't know how drunk i was, but i had burnt all the way inside my nose..
    stayed burning for like two days.. T_T
    cocaine might be smother, i guess.. if i had the chance, i would try

  6. @Shimizu.. Yea caffeine isn't the best to snort. Cocaine numbs your nose anyway and def won't burn as bad even from the first line.

  7. wow... experienced instructions there