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Monday, November 8, 2010

Prop 19 Spoof

There is a website called Marijuana Harms Families and their slogan is "Don't Let California Go To Pot."I find this extremely funny. They have a video on the site that states the "dangers" in legalizing marijuana. I think their facts and statistics are pretty dumb and I can argue against all of their information.

What I have found is someone who was as disturbed as I was about this information and he created a video parody that parallels the video. Check out for this guy's genius posts on his blog, besides the great video that he made.

This is the spoof...


  1. i've already saw this vid
    also, great vid, yo

  2. FFFFFFFFFFFFFUCK PICKLESSSSSSSS! except on my burgers, om nom nom nom

  3. There are many things worst than weed and they're legal, I don't thing voting matters, however, the government do what they want, this country is corrupt as many others.

  4. Thanks for following man, much appreciated. :)

  5. lol at spoof, but is followed up with worthwhile info.

  6. smoke weed all day every day :)