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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hallucinogens Part 1


Nicknames: Shrooms, Boomers, Magic Mushrooms, Caps, Mushies, Fungus

Active Ingredient: Psilocybin; also Psilocin or Muscimole depending on the variety picked

If you have ever tripped before, you know what a ride you are taken on. One of the most popular drugs to trip on is Mushrooms. “Magic mushrooms” is probably the most popular used hallucinogen because they are grown straight from the ground in many areas, mostly in subtropical and tropical areas. Other widely used hallucinogens include acid (LSD) and peyote, but mushrooms are more commonly found. When eating mushrooms, you can trip up to nine hours, depending on how much is consumed.

Shrooms are fungi that contain psychoactive compounds psilocybin and psilocin. There are about 190 species of these fungi that contains the psychoactive compounds. Mushrooms do grow from the ground in fields, but they also can be grown at home. If you want to grow them you can by the spores of the fungi online, but it is illegal and the websites usually state, “Sold for microscopic use only.” If you want to check out spores for sale check this out…

Mushrooms have been used throughout history as a means of gaining access to the spirit world by Shamans, Medicine Men or Witch Doctors. Let me tell you that you really do enter a “spirit” world. When you watch movies or T.V. shows where they show someone on shrooms and they make it all trippy looking for you to watch; that’s the world you enter and everything seems unreal. People use mushrooms for spiritual purposes and to help them figure out life. This is no exaggeration. The ideas that you can come up with on mushrooms are mind blowing.
I have tripped on mushrooms a decent number of times to fully understand what is going on. The way it makes you feel is euphoric and child-like. I feel like I am a little kid in a candy store, as cliché as that sounds it’s the truth. What I feel it does, at least for me, is that it lays out all of my life problems out in front of me on a platter and I can pick any of those problems up and solve it logically. It kind of sounds a little ridiculous but it is a totally different world while tripping. It was on mushrooms that I figured out how I want to live my life. People have life changing experiences while tripping and this is common.
This one time when I was tripping with my friend at the beach at night, we had the worst idea ever. “Yea I’m down to go swimming in the ocean,” was the worst thing I said that night. As I am in the water I think to myself, “Oh this feels good, let me go a little farther out.” Yea, I went too far. All of a sudden, I slipped into a panic and I can’t see the shore and everything around me was completely silver. Finally I felt where the sand was getting shallower and ran to shore and just dove on the sand. My friend and I ended up on the sand shivering because it was so cold. I looked over at my friend and I can see this dark look in his eyes and he says, “Are you seeing what I’m seeing right now.” We both saw millions of bugs on the beach and little gremlin looking creatures running on the sand. Don’t ask me how we were having similar hallucinations and seeing crazy stuff, but it was so intense. We both ate an eighth (3.5 grams) that night.

Taking an eighth of shrooms is a relatively standard amount to eat, guaranteeing a good and hard trip. For first timers, do not take a whole eighth at once. Start off with like a gram or so, see how you feel, and slowly build up to eat more as you feel you need it.

“Bad trips” can occur because of anxiety, fear, and paranoia. You must know going into the trip that you are in control and nothing bad will happen to you. The number one ways to prevent a bad trip is to avoid going out in public and only hang out with people that are tripping too, this decreases any likelihood of paranoia. 

Your pupils of your eyes will be dilated to the size of a penny, which is a common way to tell if someone is on a hard drug, along with increased heart rate and blood pressure. The best thing to do is stay inside a house with music and visualizers or go to the beach, but not in the water.

If you have never heard this before I am ruining the surprise for you…shrooms grow from cow and horse shit. Now if you want to go pick some you know where to find them.

You better know what you are doing though because over 78% of mushrooms you find can be poisonous to your health and many cause death. I do not recommend anyone to do drugs. If you have any crazy experiences feel free to share them.


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