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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Classic Marijuana

Everyone likes to smoke a little reefer....What are you smoking?

Active Ingredient: THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol)

Common Street Names: Weed, Green, Reefer, Herb, Crip, Fire

This type of weed includes medical grade weed, typically sold in dispensaries where medicinal marijuana is sold. This weed produces the best high. Medicinal marijuana can be obtained other ways. This weed is the most potent and desired by pretty much all marijuana smokers. The look of it is visibly good quality in nug form with many crystals, hairs, and a good color and sometimes a variety of colors like  purple and orange. It can be a really fluffy to extremely dense and range in stickyness. This type of weed tends to have a strong smell. The high it produces is so clear and crisp compared to lower quality marijuana. 

Medical marijuana is the type where names are associated with the name. For example Purple Haze, White Rhino, Northern Lights, G-13, Sour Diesel, Jack Herrer, Super Silver Haze, Cheese, Cat Piss, ect. This list can go one for a long time. These strains are also a different type of plant and can produce a different feeling. The two types of plants are Indica and Sativa. The Sativa buds can produce more of an energetic and awake high, more popular for smoking throughout the day. Indica plants produce a high to sleep better or more targeted for pain, with other uses. Medical grade can be grown with a hydroponics system that grows the plant through water, producing a higher quality often referred to as "dro."
Purple Kush
(Cross strain between Purple Haze and O.G.Kush)

Northern Lights
People obtain medical marijuana licenses to purchase marijuana in designate stores in states that it is legal. To obtain these cards a person must go to a doctor to authorize this license. 

If you live in a state that weed is completely illegal, like myself, then you are used to your standard crip you buy for 25-50 or 30-60 if you are getting ripped off. This weed is good, but definitely doesn't compare to marijuana on the medical level. The high produced is a good high, but sometimes attached with a burn feeling on the comedown. The look is still good quality with some crystals and hairs with a nice, pleasing smell. Do not get me wrong, I definitely would want some good crip, but not over the medical grade. The quality of crip is in between medical marijuana and the regs,

This is the low grade which is very inexpensive to the others. This is the lowest in quality noted by the high it produces. Many people say it gives them headaches or it is less pleasurable.It is noticeably lower quality weed and can range in color from green to black. It also tends to be shipped more in bricks in large quantities and because it is compressed it may look flat when purchased to smoke. When buying regs, you get a lot for the price. Regs are most likely rolled in blunts and joints to smoke a larger amount because of the lack of potency. Regs are commonly referred to as "reggie," "Reggie Miller," or just known as the "bad stuff."
If I ever smoke regs it is only before bed because I am guaranteed to eat a lot and fall asleep fast. 

This is the crystals from potent marijuana. It looks like a powder. Crystals fall off the bud and can be collected in a keef box, which has a screen that the crystals fall into. Also, many grinders have keef catchers, which catches the fallen keef from the bud after it has been ground up and collects the keef in the bottom part of the grinder. This is a great investment because you can smoke the keef after it builds up. Keef produces the best high. Pretty much, you are smoking only THC crystals, which produces the best, cleanest high. A nickname is "Keef Richards."

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